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VGC Building Contracting LLC
Who we are

VGC Building Contracting LLC has been established in 2007 by Noura Ibrahim Al Shaer and Mohamed Ali Abd El Wahab. During these past years the company quickly built a reputation of reliability, team work and commitment. These values remain true today and are the reason to be one of the well-known construction companies.

The company currently employs highly qualified staff and appropriate machinery required to meet any kind of eventual need of the client. Since the time of its creation company has successfully grown to complete several luxurious villas.

Moreover due to its discipline, dedicated management leadership, many projects which are currently being under construction are much ahead of the planned schedule, within the original budget and every time we attempt the job we supersedes in quality and time due to its planning and uncompromising efforts at every stage of the project.


Our vision is to become the preferred contracting partner by enduring success of our clients.


VGC will expand its efforts to grow profitably by meeting customer needs today and in the future by continuing to build partnerships based on trust, and by establishing direct relationships with our customers. We will accomplish this by responding to changing market conditions; building a performance driven culture that continues to provide value-added construction services.


Our success is built upon a strong and distinct set of values running through all our diverse business activities.

We will always;

1) Focus on quality and innovation

2) Be passionate about our customers, employees, shareholders and the wider community within which we work

3) Honour our commitments


As a result of becoming more aware of the sustainable agenda the construction industry has developed a code of practice, which has been adopted by all those involved in the property life-cycle. Criteria within the code of practice state that the construction industry should not:

  • Cause unnecessary damage to the natural environment or consume a disproportionate amount of energy during construction, use or disposal.
  • Use materials from threatened species or environments.
  • Endanger the health of occupants or any other parties.