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VGC’s “one team” attitude helps us engage equally effectively. Our collaborative working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions.

The long-term success of our industry depends on our capacity to attract new talent. So it is vital that we take steps today to build enthusiasm among young people – while raising the prestige of our profession, Alongside this, we continue to work with our own people to help build the skills and mindsets our industry will need to meet future engineering challenges profitably and sustainably. The training and development of our employees remains one of our most significant areas of investment.


In a high-hazard industry like construction, safety is an investment that provides real benefits. A safe work environment helps to keep skilled employees on the job and projects on track by reducing accidents that result in injuries and schedule delays, while also reducing the risks of litigation and regulatory action. A strong safety record enhances a company’s reputation, makes it more competitive and helps to manage insurance costs over time. Fostering a successful safety culture, however, is a company-wide effort that requires commitment and participation from the top management to project managers, superintendents, foremen and individual workers on the job site. That commitment should extend to the selection of subcontractors who also embrace a strong safety ethic, particularly when a company is using a construction wrap-up insurance program.